1RC-201APNGas purification catalystRemoval of oxygen from process gases (hydrogen, argon and nitrogen) and inert shielding atmospheres. Process gas conditioning in chemical and metal industry
2RC-202AMC-UThe catalyst of NOx selective catalytic removalLow temperature selective gas purification - nitrogen oxides (NOx) removal  in the production of nitric acid. Selective catalytic reduction of NOx with ammonia.
3RC-203AVK-10SCR Catalyst (NOx)Low temperature selective gas purification - removal of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the production of nitric acid. Selective catalytic reduction of NOx by means of ammonia
4RC-204RPK-1Gas purification catalystRemoval of nitrogen oxides (NOx), acetylene (С2Н2) and hydrogen (Н2) from converted gases in the production of ammonia and carbamide
5RC-206PK-1Oxygen remove catalystRemoval of oxygen (or hydrogen) from process gases and inert atmospheres in metal industry
6RC-207PK-3SHGas purification catalystRemoval of combustible impurities - hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO) from carbon dioxide (CO2) in the production of carbamide
7RC-208KSUOxygen remove catalystRemoval of acetylene (С2Н2) and nitrogen oxides from coke-oven gas
8RC-209KROOzone decomposition catalystCatalytic decomposition of ozone (O3). Decontamination of exhaust gases in plasma-based units.
9RC-210ForkontaktCatalyst for hydrogen peroxide decompoitionDecomposition of hydrogen dioxide at her reception a anthraquinone method
10RC-211KMGGas purification catalystThe industrial gas emissions cleaning of carbon nitric oxide and organic matters. Technological rare gases refining of oxygen